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About Us

About Us

About Aloe Vera

This miracle plant has helped many people and animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses through the ages. It's nutritional and natural health benefits as well as its skin care plus the soothing of minor wounds properties were used by the Egyptians.
Forever Living Products have patented a method of stabilising pure Aloe Vera Gel, essentially giving the properties of fresh Aloe Vera in these products.

About Patrick Knowles

I have been a FLP distributor since 1996 and have enjoyed helping many people and their pets overcome many problems of one type or another. I have been attending many county shows and kennel club dog shows in the past demonstrating these marvelous products.
We now have a very good fitness and weight management range. products in the UK, most of which can be purchased from us.

Patrick Knowles Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products.

Aloe Vera products for your animals too.
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